Frequently Asked Questions About Online Surveys:

Why would someone pay me to take an online survey?

Large companies pay people to take online surveys to get needed feedback to improve their services and expand their business for the better.

I have tried taking online surveys before, but it did not work out the way I wanted, why?

There are a lot of survey connections (or websites) out there that don't properly submit your information after you submit your information, it is important to sign up with the right survey provider. We have 3 recommendations for onMouseOver="window.status='Paid Surveys'; return true "
onMouseOut="window.status=''; return true ">Paid Surveys
. They are 3 of the few companies that set you up properly to be successful taking online surveys.

How much money will I make taking the online surveys?

Once the companies see that you are giving them truthful feedback (usually 2 or 3 days) you make anywhere from $25-$75 per online survey. The average survey pays about $50.

How long does each survey take?

Each survey takes about generally 20 minutes.

How many surveys can I take per day?

You can take as many surveys per day as you please. Although there will be a limit to how many companies are giving you surveys to take. Most people have the opportunity to take around 7 surveys per day.

Why do I have to pay an initial fee to take the surveys?

The companies are not the ones charging the one initial fee, but the people who are submitting your information and connecting you to the survey sites are the ones charging. They are charging you to get you into the system. They, just like any other business, also need to make their money. We consider this a small fee, which can easily be made back within a day.

It is important to know that because these are the best survey providers, they are not always accepting people. But with 3 recommendations you should be able to get in with 1. The link below will take you to one currently available.

If making a lot of extra money taking online surveys is something you are interested in, we highly suggest taking advantage of this easy online income opportunity as long as you can get in. If you can't bookmark this page and try again at a later stage.

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